Kempinski Hotel

27-29 June 2023

Act Local, Think Global

KEYNOTE SESSION: Izzet Pinto, Global Agency

In this keynote session Izzet Pinto, CEO, Global Agency discusses building a global television success from nothing, playing a key role in making Turkish TV series the powerful brand they are today. Pinto will take the audience on a rollercoaster journey, from his time working as a street vendor in Bangkok to walking the red carpet and winning a prestigious award in Cannes. His determination to never give up and his power to inspire has been the driving force in creating from scratch Global Agency, now a major player in the international TV market, representing hundreds of productions with audiences of 700 million people around the world. Pinto will also discuss the changing media landscape and how he sees it evolving over the coming year. Moderator: Hayley McKenzie, founder and CEO, Script Angel

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